Cake time!


Apparently last week I bought an roundtrip ticket on the freaky train, well that ride is mercifully over and now there’s cake on the blog.

Unbeknownst to you, I gave up (most) sweet treats about a month ago.  No reason other than my acupuncturist telling me it’d immediately help my many annoying maladies.  Well, hmm.  I don’t feel amazingly better (all my maladies are minor btw) and I’m not in any danger of losing even one pound from my badonkadonk.  So, why continue.  They only thing I can come up with is “why not”.  It’s a healthy habit and it’s really not hard to pass up sweets.  I’m not militant about it, so presumably I’ll enjoy a treat more if it’s a rare thing, right.

Well on to the cake.  It’s a birthday cake for a dear friend.  She likes chocolate and caramel so I opted for a rich, dark chocolate cake with caramel buttercream.  I know the cake looks huge, but it’s really only 6″ across.  Have I mentioned before how much I adore making little cakes in my 6″ springform pan?  Most of the time you don’t need a giant cake, just enough for a few people to have dessert, so that 6″ pan is perfect.

I used my go to chocolate cake recipe (it’s for a one layer cake and fits my little pan perfectly) that is super delicious and easy.  No fancy ingredients, just honest cake building blocks.  The caramel buttercream recipe is from here and the only change I made to the frosting was to add 1T dark rum.  Who wouldn’t.

If you’re wondering why the cake is dusted with chocolate shavings (ignore the asymmetry) it’s because the recipient does NOT like jimmys!  I was all set to use jimmys and colored decorations when it came up in conversation the other day that jimmys were GROSS!  What!  Well, you love your friends despite their quirks so shaved chocolate bar it was.  And yes, we do have very deep conversations don’t we…