The simp

Kind of like this, only different.

I came across these pics of Jessica wearing this sweater several months ago and thought I’d like a comfy, soft sweater to knock around in.  Obviously, though, I’m not followed by paparazzi noticing how often I’ll wear my sweater nor will I ever wear it with Uggs.

Because I’m not a celeb, I ordered some super soft Drops Alpaca boucle yarn, mocked up an A-line oversized sweater pattern and started knitting.  In stockinette, for like, ever!  I’ve knit and knit and come out with a sweater body I really like.  My sweater is similarly proportioned to the Jessica sweater, but I opted for normal sleeve widths because I do my own chores and such.

I really do have a neck people!

What’s the problem?  I don’t like the neck I knit on the sweater.  I wanted a loose squooshy turtleneck thing, but one that would not touch my neck because that heebs me out.  We all have our things.

What does that fabulous idea look like?

Yeah, not so good in the neck department.  It looks like I donated my neck to science right?  And may I just add, I have a rather long neck so I really did a number here.  I shall have to rip out and perhaps come up with a ribbed turtle neck like on the Jessica sweater.  Can I mention how hard it is to rip out this boucle?  I’ll put it off for a few days to gather my patience and strength.


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  1. That is cute! And, its only the neck to rip back — a smallish part of that whole sweater. You can get that done pretty easily. A ribby thing would be just the ticket.

  2. You’re a turtleneckophobic too, eh? We’re kindred spirits! No way, no chance, nope. You can’t get me near a turtleneck without me getting a panic attack.

  3. Yes, I agree on the neck. It doesn’t really work.
    I’ve been told that a 2×2 ribbing is one of the least elastic ribs, so that might not draw in as tightly at the neck as some other rib patterns. Perhaps something like one of these?—sweater-with-large-collar-and-textured-pattern-in-merino-extra-fine-and-kid-silk

  4. I don’t do things touching my neck either, ugh (suppresses a shiver).

    It’s coming along wonderfully! I like it so much more than the sweater it’s modeled after. (Mostly because you don’t look like you’re wearing a pup tent.) The neck thing doesn’t look that bad, but I’m not the one wearing it so . . .

    Also, you are not allowed to wear this with short shorts. I will fly to wherever the hell your crazy job has taken you and personally force you to put on big girl pants. I mean it.

  5. Since I bought the same yarn, I know this is not easy to rip. But you only have a small amount to do, Otherwise I think the sweater is fine, very cozy indeed.

  6. How did I miss all of these posts? It makes me a little bit crazy when I actually have a plan in my head and it doesn’t come off right away.

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