Dragon time

Dragon hanging around the font yard, as one does.

Yes, I knit a soft toy.

For an adult.


Long story, but in a nutshell I have a friend who is a healer (yes, I really do live in northern California) and for a workshop he’s taking they have to get back to their “child” and a toy in their daily environment helps them.  I don’t really get it all, but that’s the gist.  Anywho, my friend said he’d never had a stuffed toy even as a child.  My other friend and I who were shoving burritos in our pie holes during this conversation, stopped mid bite and just stared at him.  Who didn’t get cuddly toys when they were kids?  I guess lots of people, including my friend.  So I told him I’d make him a soft toy and then shoved the rest of my burrito in my mouth.  Yes, I am a debutante.

This little dragon is the result of that conversation.  I’ve worked on this in bits and pieces for a few weeks, but really if you just sat down and did it, this wouldn’t take long.  The pattern is free and called Tarragon the Gentle Dragon (I don’t understand the reference if this is from a story or something) and is a very well written and detailed pattern.  The yarn was bits from my stash.  The virulent green is Phildar Licorne and the rust is Rowan Cotton Glace.  I used tiny size 1 and 2 needles and stuffed him with cotton quilt batting that I cut into little pieces.  The eyes were the only bit I had to buy since I didn’t have tiny enough buttons for a soft toy.

The final result is pretty darn cute and will hopefully help my friend find his child consciousness (I still don’t know what that is).


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  1. I have to admit it – Rüdiger F., the stuffed toy frog I’ve had forever, is still with me 😀 And good on you to help a friend out – I’m sure they’ll love the dragon! Might have to make one for the baby coming to visit me next month … hm.

  2. I am going to have to remember this incase you ever, I mean ever, give me grief for being such a pushover when it comes to “Make me this.”

    Really cute though. I love the thought of a dragon hanging out in the front yard. I’m glad you explained why you knit it because when you said you knit a toy, for an adult, I was thinking about things one doesn’t talk about in the light of day.

    Is he becoming some kind of a healer for children? then that would make sense. Is he going to start wearing those pajamas with the feet in them?

  3. This is one of the most pleasant toys I’ve knit. Yours looks great, and Poopsie Woopsie (the one I hang onto) approves!

  4. I still have all my stuffed animals. They sleep on my bed. Please don’t tell anyone 😛 I’m sure he will love the dragon, you’re never too old to go back to your childhood!

  5. So cute, I just downloaded the pattern. I never knit a toy before, but it looks like fun. Thanks for the link!

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