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If I bothered to stretch out the sleeve, you’d see this is a LACE pattern…

In light of yesterday’s terrible air accident at SFO, may I please reiterate for everyone to pay attention to the safety presentation at the start of the flight.  I know, it’s mostly dumb stuff but just remember where the exits are FFS.  I have to take my yearly FAA requalification in one week so I’m it’s emergency mode in my head because we do a lot of evacuation and emergency drill stuff so it was terrible to see my favorite plane crash at my favorite airport.

Now moving on to crafty things.  Knitting.  Here is my official “Sleeve as Swatch” method.  I did a quick little swatch and decided I was in the ballpark of gauge on the Alvinda Cardigan but it’s hard to tell with lace so I just jumped in (or STEP/JUMP/SLIDE for the 777 evac – see studying) to see what would happen.  It seems to be working out.  My yarn is Drops Baby Alpaca Silk which is very soft and yummy.  It’s a tad splitty with the silk content, but not as bad as some yarns.  The color is a gorgeous blue/gray that really looks good on me (if I do say so myself).  Generally I’d knit everything in black to get maximum wear out of it, but that makes for dull knitting and premature blindness since I knit at night.

Crazy idea, what do you think of my idea to not make buttonholes and sew in grosgrain ribbon as reinforcement at the plackets and add snaps?  This yarn is so soft and drapy I’m afraid the front placket will be hot mess of droopy gaps with buttons.  Obviously there is no hurry to decide since I’m 7″ in on the first sleeve and no fronts (or back) has been knit.  Just thinking ahead.

Be safe friends!


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  1. You should feel special, because when I first heard about that flight that crashed my first thought wasn’t about those poor people, but “Is Silvia okay?” Then I later heard that it was from Asia and only two people were killed, so I figured you were okay. (I was strongly temped to send you an email asking you if you were still alive.)

    I love the sweater and really think it looks cable-y even though it isn’t. Even more so if you look at it from far away. The grosgrain ribbon sounds like a good idea, and would probably help with reinforcement, but I personally couldn’t ever bring myself to do it. (Don’t ask, mostly because I don’t really know.)

    Also, check your coffee pot to see if it is working.

  2. Yek! I thought the same thing!!! “I hope Silvia was not in that plane!” 🙂
    About the button band, it’s a good idea. And it does exist gros grain ribbon with already inserted snaps (I dont know if i wrotethat in good english, lol!)

  3. I think all your readers thought of you when we heard about the accident. The crew got high marks for evacuating the passengers. And it just should remind everybody, that the crew’s purpose is mainly for the safety of the passengers, not so much for doling out drinks. About the sweater. Very pretty, personally, I like buttons.

  4. I love the idea of imagining Silvia giving the safety demonstrations!
    I am all in favour of aircraft safety.
    I had thought that the SFO accident would have made people more aware of safety.
    Yesterday I flew from Beijing to Toronto (with thunderstorm/flood/blackout diversion to Ottawa). Basically for the entire 13-hour flight plus 6-hour diversion the majority of the passengers seemed to completely ignore the seat belt signs. The crew tried to get them to sit down but there are not enough staff to stand over all passengers (I guess they could have physically blocked the washrooms?). This situation drove me crazy (I am so Canadian – we tend to follow rules).
    I have been on flights in Europe where the washrooms are locked when the seat belt sign was on. Good idea!
    I also am tending towards a yellow/red card warning/penalty system like soccer. Two yellow card warnings and you get a red card – at least a $50 fine, hopefully $500.
    I also like when carry-on bags are weighed/measured at the gate and moved to the cargo hold if too big or too numerous. Hey I followed the rules – the others can too!

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