Seriously dudes!

Pile ‘o paisley

Things got away from me a little bit.  Mainly because I signed up for an online HTML/CSS class at the local junior college.  It’s an 8 week class pushed into 4 weeks.  Two homework projects per week with lots of work made for a cranky stew.  BUT, it’s over so yay!  There are two more classes in the series, but I shan’t be taking the accelerated version again.  Too crazypants.

At the same time I had to study for my yearly FAA exams so I could continue to work.  Yes, I passed so I can work like a dog for the rest of the summer.

I had hope to show you a completed dress (Burda 03-2013-131) made from some lovely rayon challis I picked up at Britex.  It’s lovely fabric and I’d imagined a breezy summer dress.  The dress style makes it hard to fit as you go, so I just went on faith.  You guess it, it doesn’t fit.  The cups of the bodice are too small – they’re about a B cup and I am so much farther down that alphabet chain.  It looks silly.  Also the neckline is a deeeeeeep plunge so the shelf created by my boobs is clearly visible to all and sundry.  Then the underbust portion is also too big and needs to be taken in.  I shall try to make these alterations easily and if that doesn’t work, I’m cutting off the top and having a flowy rayon challis skirt.

The photo on me was too awful for public consumption, so please make do with the heap of dress on my ironing board awaiting adjustment.


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  1. I sure hope your alterations work out, because that fabric is lovely. Kind of a peasant/paisly print. Congrats on passing your test, so you can continue working the friendly skies.

  2. Where the skirt with a flowy white blouse. You’ll look like an earth mother, in a good way. I really do like the paisley, which is really an underused print. You really don’t see much of it, outside of bandanas. Good luck with the classes.

  3. This is what stresses me out about sewing. When even a very experienced talented seamstress like yourself can have this happen, then where is the hope for me?

  4. Such a shame it doesn’t fit – both the dress and the fabric are lovely! But I’m sure you can fix it.
    And wow – you do like a challenge, huh? A fast-track class and an exam at the same time – chapeau! Congrats to passing the FAA and finishing your class – well done 🙂

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