Guess who found her sewing machine?

I am staring down the garden because it grows like mad and requires endless attention I’m loathe to give it.

Yes, it was me.  No, it wasn’t lost.  In fact it was exactly where I left it but this time I just decided to use the darn thing.

I thought it was high time I made something and I wanted an easy project so my fragile determination would not be sapped.  I’d picked up a couple of knit fabric remnants at Stone Mountain last week so Renfrew immediately sprung to mind as an easy make.  Even better, the serger is threaded with cream thread that matches the green/grey stripe well enough so I didn’t need to rethread.  No it’s not hard to change out the threads (I don’t want to put anyone off) but I’m lazy.

I’ve made just about every Renfrew version you can imagine but because it’s so nice and warm here now, I wanted to duplicate a tee I wear a bunch.  It’s a round neck tee with short, banded sleeves.  I used the proportions of my RTW tee sleeves and cut out my regular Renfrew that’s already traced off on pattern paper.  The neckband is usually the trickiest part for me.  The rule of thumb is to make the neckband 10 to 15% smaller than the neck of the tee measurement.  15% is usually too much and the neckband pulls and puckers.  I used 10% here since this knit is light and has good stretch (not crazy stretch) and it’s just about fine.  12% would have been perfect but now it’s too late and I’ll have to get over it.

This project should have taken a bit over an hour to sew up but the iron started spewing rusty water everywhere and a quick trip to Target for a new one interrupted my personal sweat shop.  Which is where they were having a blood drive which explains that arm bandage.  Did you know they take 1 pound of blood so I lost weight going to Target.  Score!

Fingers crossed my sewing mojo sticks around and give blood if you can.


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  1. the Renfrew is so cute. I bought a ton of knit fabric recently, not sure if it will all become Renfrews or some will become knit Scout Ts. anyhoooooooo glad you explained the mystery arm BECAUSE I WAS FREAKING OUT!

  2. I love this one. It’s really cute. And thanks for the arm band explanation. I thought that it might have been the old tennis elbow flaring up, which I realize isn’t in your elbow, but it sounds like it should. And also, the fear of threading even the sewing machine is why I rarely sew.

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