More tee for two

Yes, I posted a look at my boobs shot. FYI the true color of the tee is on the left.

Another Renfrew tee!  And why not since that’s a major part of my wardrobe.

Can you see those drag lines by the armpits? They were worse but I yanked the tee down before that masterful shot.

This tee has a bit of difference from the green one of a few days ago.  After looking at the pictures I kept seeing the drag lines above my boobs next to my armpits.  Many of my shirts have these lines.  I can tug the tees down and the lines go away but the reappear as I wear the tee.  It’s like there needs to be a bit more material over the boob.  That my friends is what a full bust adjustment is for.

Did I just blow your mind?  It’s one of those terms you see on sewing blogs and just think that you’ll put that on the google list and get to it one day.  Well the other day it made it to the top of my google list and I found a super duper easy tute on how to do it over on Threads.  They’ve got lots of tutorials but I don’t want to pay to subscribe so I can only see the FBA without dart.  Luckily that’s the one I needed.

I just follow the tutorial adding 1″ across the bust and 1/2″ into the armhole and blending those new style lines.  Not a huge amount of increased material, but hell, I’m not Dolly Parton.  But neither am I a B cup.  Just that little adjustment has tamed the lines,  Neat!  I’ve now got an adjusted Renfrew to make 20 more from.

What’s that little white ribbon on the sleeve? Well spotted by the eagle eyed among you.  That is a patch to fix the teeny hole I cut into my finished tee when clipping the threads.  Yup, clipped a hole in there.  Dork!  So I put a bit of cupcake ribbon over top to stop the hole from spreading.  It’ll be fine.  This was never going to be my cotillion tee.

The other different thing here is the neck finish.  I’ve got some tees that have a strip of material finishing off the neck edge and having a raw edge on the outside.  I thought I’d give that a try and found some instruction around the web.  Or you can just look at it and do the regular way backwards.

I reorganized my fabric stash today and have 3.5 tubs worth of fabric.  Big tubs.  That’s kind of a lot.  And I sorted it by type so it should be easier to find when I get the sewing yen.  But really, I sorted through it and only got rid of one grocery bag’s worth of stuff and I still want to hit a fabric store every time I see one.  Hm…


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  1. I love it too! All shades of purples are my favorites.
    I have the same problem. With knitting, some short rows can do the trick, but I’m happy to find a sewing tutorial!

  2. Those people should really be paying you as some kind of spokesperson deal. Just saying.

    A full bust adjustment, just typing those words sends shivers down my spine. The cupcake ribbon is cute, but why didn’t you just darn it?

  3. Wow, you are just churning out those tees in your own private sweatshop! The new one does fit really nice. I think the compulsion to acquire more fabric, and this goes for yarn as well, is the fear of running out of material. Sort of like an addict afraid of running out of his/her drug of choice.

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