Scout greens

Greener than the photo suggests.

Today is my day off and my crafty urges have surged to the forefront.  I accidentally stopped at Stone Mountain on the way home from the airport the other day and bought a few pieces of fabric.  No, I don’t need fabric but I was powerless in the half off section.  Powerless!

This green linen is yummy and one of about 20 colors that are half off (just enabling).  I thought I’d use it to make a Scout Woven Tee.  I’ve been meaning to try this pattern out but didn’t know quite how to approach it.  I’d made the Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank a while back and that was a huge failure – super tight in the boobal area.

I wanted a breezy, loose linen top so I made sure I measured the pattern to have lots of boobal ease.  I swung out the side seams to make it A-line and then went crazy and high/lowed the hem.  I know, I detest the high/low skirts because they look so cheap and sleazy.  Why high/low the top?  Don’t know, seemed to fit my breezy idea.

The color is bright grass green and not as scrubs reminiscent as it looks photographed with flash.  I think it turned out a bit big so I’m going to wash it again in warm water and see what happens.  I do think I’ll wear this unless you all tell me it looks maternity.  I just don’t think this is the best look on me so I will make something more fitted next.  A dress I think.  Of course I’ve got big plans an only a couple of days off so perhaps I’ll have to work on my patience first.


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  1. I think this top is really comfy for at home, but it does make you look a bit preggers. You have a nice shape, don’t hide it. Again, the top is great for lounging at home.

  2. These days, pregnant people all seem to be wearing skintight clothes. So no, I don’t think you look pregnant. Nor does it make you look like you’re trying to hide anything extra under the top – just breezy.

  3. You certainly don’t look pregnant. I look more pregnant than you do. And would you please back away from the sewing machine. Go knit something. You’re making me want to haul out the old singer, and I most certainly don’t have that kind of time. (I actually have tons of the boring, alteration kind of sewing to do. Not happening. Just saying.)

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