Stick that in your piping

Purple piping aplenty (almost alliterative!)

Because I all I’ve been doing is work I don’t have much crafting to share.  Here is the sum total of my latest two days off – piping.  Mulberry cotton piping to adorn the dress I’ve cut out.  It’s Simplicity 1882 and I’m using some Kokka fabric I got on sale at Stonemountain a few weeks ago.  The packaged piping wasn’t the right color so I decided to make some.  I used the continuous loop method and some Woolease as the filler in the tube.  Turns out it’s pretty easy to make piping this way so maybe I’ll pipe more things in future!

The only other thing I made was to make some cake using a few of the pluots and a nectarine from the farmer’s market.  This recipe is super easy and I’ve made it using plums from my friend’s overactive tree and now the farmer’s market fruit.  Yum.  I change it a tad by using 1/4 c ground almonds in place of that much of the flour and add a few drops almond extract and a hit of vanilla.  Easy!

The fruit hides inside the cake when it’s baked, but you know it’s there! Sprinkle top with sugar for extra delciousness.


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  1. I just bookmarked that bias tape tutorial, thanks for the link.How the heck do people come up with these ingenious ideas? The cake looks good even unbaked.

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