Functional and cute!

We got a new gadget at work to process credit cards on the airplane, and we have to carry the thing around with us when working.  It’s a smartphone so it’s not that big, but I carry my personal cellphone with me at all times so I don’t have room in my sexy stew uniform for two phones while I’m serving.

This last trip was the first we had to have the device and I shoved the thing in my apron pocket and felt like I was strangling myself from the weight of it.  A plan hatched in my brain.  Why not make a little bag to sling cross body and remove the strangling feeling?  And while I was at it, why not choose a cute fabric that related to my job?

Enter one yard of Etsuko Furuya for Kokka “Airplane” fabric and quick look on Etsy to see how others make little cross body bags.  I ended up with a roughly 7″ by 9″ bag.  The zipper and lining are from the stash and Joann’s provided the 1″ black webbing for the strap.  Easy.

This little project took less than 2 quarters of 49er preseason football to make, so that’s pretty darn perfect in my world.  Go Niners! (Yes it’s that time again!)


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  1. Oh, that is super cute! I bet you are going to get a lot of requests from your co-workers. Maybe even a business opportunity?

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