Socks in the ears

No better way to model a lace sock than to shove it on your hoof.

Instead of being at work this weekend, I pitched up with an ear infection that required me to go to the doc instead of the airport.  I really dislike doc visits, it’s not the doctors I dislike – it’s all the bullshit insurance fighting the one goes through if you have my wonderful insurance.  So you know it must have been bad for me to go!  Happy to report that after a day of antibiotics the vertigo is gone, along with some of the earache.  Yay head!

The good part of sick is that I’ve been able to work on Sarang Socks.  Well, sock would be more accurate.  I’m using the Sarang chart but am making my usual short row heel and toe.  I’ve ripped a fair bit to get to this spot.  I’d originally done 4 leg chart repeats and then made the heel.  That looked bad with the lace coming right on the heel.  So I ripped out the nice little heel and added one more leg chart repeat at the top of the foot and did plain stockinette round the heel side THEN made the heel.  It looks much better this way and it more comfortable for wearing.  The Sarang pattern has the heel situation all mapped out with decreases and such but since I’m not using the flap heel, trial and error (lots of error) has been necessary.

So that’s solved.  Now what can be done for the “it’s 90 degrees outside, the house is warm and I have sick malaise?”  Cookies?  Gelato?  Naps?  Naps are winning in early polling.

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  1. That’s funny — I had a bit of swimmer’s ear here recently — not an ear infection, but close. Hope you feel better. (And you can’t go to work with one of those, wouldn’t your head or something blow up?)

    • I’d hope my head wouldn’t explode, but from experience it does hurt like an m-fer. So Monday for work is soon enough. Hope your ears are getting better too. My doc said she’s seen a lot of adults with ear infection lately and thinks it might be due to changing seasons. Who knew? And who knew we had seasons in California?

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