Dress garden

I expect everyone to notice the matching piping!

Here I am strolling in the yard in my dress.  Is it new?  Well thanks for asking, yes it is.  How do I have time to make a dress with officially the worst work schedule in the world?  I sewed this up in record slow time in chunks of 15 minutes here and there.  Turns out that’s doable!

What you see here is Simplicity 1882 in the “Amazing Fit” series.  Since I totally ignore the pattern sewing instructions, for me this means you can choose your cup size in the bodice and amount of “curve” in the ass-al region.  The fabric I used is some lovely Kokka cotton bought on sale at Stonemountain.  The contrast is quilting cotton that matched so freakishly well I had to use it.

I had to be patient and sew this up in small chunks of time, but I also used my patience to baste the piping at matching areas so the piping matches everywhere.  Of course it would have been easier to match the piping if I hadn’t sewed it in like a stupidhead.  Instead of sewing in each line of piping in one long strip, I sewed it onto the fronts and backs separately so I had to match it up at the side seams.  There was a reason for this, sort of.  I was more interested in getting the top and yoke to fit properly and kind of just ignored the piping situation.  Well that gave me lots of practice in matching seams, let me tell you.  There was much ripping.  Yes, I took lots of pics of matching seams so that’s what those are about.

The only major change I made was to shorten the skirt 2″ on the pattern and to swing out the side seams as much as possible since this A-line skirt is a bit of a narrow A in my book.  Otherwise it’s a comfy, cotton dress that will wear well in my climate.

For more details for the sewing crowd, check out my review of this pattern.

Piping of love! (Ignore the wrinkles – I was standing wrong).


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  1. Love it! Even in 15 min. chunks, I don’t know how you do it. Especially since I’ve had a 95% finished quilt top sitting next to my sewing machine for 3 months.

  2. Love the collar, the waist shaping, the trimming at the pockets, the smallish sleeves and the piping. If I still had a waist. I would love to wear this!

  3. Love the dress – so much so, in fact, that I just ordered the pattern 😀 not sure I’ll be brave enough to attempt piping, but it does look fab on yours! And the way the colours wors with the contrast fabric is just amazing – great choice!

    • Have you seen that Dandelion dress pattern flowing around the internets? It’s another good pattern (that I hope to get around to). The pictures I’ve seen have been kind of meh, but the line drawings are very interesting. As if we need more pattern ideas!

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