Odd sewing notions

Working on front plackets. Don’t you love the word “placket”?

What does that mean?  Do I use odd things to help me sew?  Do I have weird ideas about my sewing hobby?  Well yes to both.  But in this case I needed a trip to Radio Shack to help me sew this blouse.

Yes, Radio Shack.

I’m taking a Craftsy class (The Classic Tailored Shirt – which is awesome btw) and have been really annoyed having to watch them on my laptop when there’s a perfectly good TV sitting across the room which does nothing (except for watching the stinky 49ers).  I sew across the room from the TV at the table but I can’t watch Craftsy classes on the TV because it’s not that high end fancy schmancy.

So today I finally articulated the thought of “why not connect the laptop to the TV and watch that way?”  With a bit of searching I found I only needed an adapter for my laptop (it doesn’t have an HDMI port for those that know what that could possibly be) which is found at, you guessed it, Radio Shack.

I went out and bought the gizmo, plugged in the the laptop to the TV and bob’s-your-uncle it worked with no fuss at all.  I hunkered down and watched Instructor Pam Howard (who is also awesome) and sewed along.  I’m a shirt making machine!  It is so much easier watching those Craftsy classes while sewing along.  I’ve actually bought a few of them and just haven’t had time to watch them, but now I can watch and sew concurrently.

What does this jerry-rigged setup look like.  Well here’s the set up below.  My laptop is sitting on a little stool at the left side of the TV stand plugged in via HDMI cable (and adapter) and it’s working a treat.  Tomorrow is sleeve day!

Ignore the dusty shelf – I’ll get around to that later. And the screen can be maximized to show just the class video and not the desktop.


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  1. Glad you find something that worked! Because as you well know it’s near impossible to juggle a sewing machine, pins, papers, directions, AND a laptop.

    I also love the word placket too. It’s a pity I can’t work it into normal conversation more.

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