Shirt scared no more

Not angry, just keeping an eye on the bees buzzing around my flowered shirt.

I’ve been working on this classic tailored shirt for was seems like EVER.  I made this blouse (Simplicity 2339) as my pattern in the Craftsy class “The Classic Tailored Shirt” taught by Pam Howard.  Note:  I am in no way affiliated with Craftsy (no shit right).  I loved this class!  Pam rocks.  I have never been comfortable sewing collars so when Craftsy had a sale I bought this class.  Pam walks you though every step and before you know it, you’re done!  She even talked me into hand sewing!  You know I hate hand sewing!  There I was, happily sewing collar and cuffs closed with a needle and thread.  That woman is good!  She also has you flat fell seams, top stitch till the cows come home and even shows you how to space buttons properly.  Soup to nuts.

The sewing on this shirt is great.  The fit is not.  I didn’t devote any thought to fit since I just wanted to work on technique.  The pattern I used had 1″ side seam allowances so I hoped I could fudge through ok, and ok is what I got.  I used some quilting cotton that I had stashed and didn’t quite have enough so the cuff facings and sleeve plackets are grey dotted and are quite cute.

I worked through this project over the last few weeks in little spurts of time.  That actually works well with the Craftsy class setup since they break down each concept into a separate lesson.  I always knew where I’d left off because the class remembers where you are.

Now I’d like to make another shirt with better fit.  I’ve got some cotton voile stashed that may just be enough yardage.  If not, perhaps a trip to the fabric store…

If you’re at all interested in sewing and if Craftsy is having a sale you have my hearty endorsement of this class.

Fit is kind of wonky, but the cup size I chose was spot on!


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  1. Well done! I think this came out great. I am also starting to tackle a blouse, Simplicity 1779. I just watched a freebie Craftsy on youtube on how to make a rolled hem with the serger. I must say, it is very well explained, and that lady (is that Pam?) is so relaxed.

  2. I’m looking forward to the documentation of your fit issues. The fitted blouse has long been a dream of mine. I’m pretty close with my most recent rendition but i still need a bit of work on the fit of the back. What, specifically were your fit issues?

    • Hi Erin,

      Alot of my fit issues were due to me ignoring the fit changes I usually make and not having enough material to add to the sides. If I made this pattern again (and I might – despite wanting to try the newest Burda shirt pattern) I’d add 1″ to the sleeves, grade out a size from waist to hip. I used the C cup pattern so the front fits well, the back is too tight across the shoulders so I’d use a larger sized back pattern and/or do a broad back adjustment. I’d also consider using a stretch woven (instead of the stashed cotton quilting fabric) so many fit issues are minimized right off the bat!

  3. The fit looks just fine to me, but that’s probably due to the way that the internet distorts things. And I was also raised by prodestant mid-westerners who believe that if it is baggy to the point that it doesn’t show any shape whatsoever, that it fits.

    Anyway, I’m really impressed at with your shirt — even if the fit is off.

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