I look surprised to find pockets even though I sewed them there myself.

Well I guess after all that debating about making a pattern, it was just easier to buy it and tape the sucker together.  This is Megan Nielsen’s Kelly Skirt pattern made up in a nice dotty rayon from Stonemountain.  It was just easier to buy the pattern than to draw rectangles on pattern paper and do the business.  The pattern is fine, but note it makes a short skirt unless altered.

What can one say about a basic skirt?  It’s a good pattern, especially if you’re a beginning sewist, and sews up in an afternoon.  That is unless you don’t have six matching black buttons in your button box and have to drive to Joann’s to get some.  The only changes I made to the pattern were to make it longer (about an inch and a half) and to cut the waistband piece in half width-wise.  That wide waistband just looked like a gappy mess on me, but cut in half it lays flat around my curvy self.

I’m not sure this skirt silhouette is better than a simple A-line skirt, but this works well enough in drapey rayon so I’m calling this a win.

Now I’m on VACATION and going to Rhinebeck this weekend with my big ‘ol sister.  Hells to the yeah!