The “Haul”

Potential projects.

Back from Rhinebeck!  Claudia and I had a great time at the festival and we ran into so many people.  It is a super festival if you’re thinking about ever going to one.

Above you see my yarn haul.  It’s not much of a “haul” but I’ve come to the conclusion that buying yarn without purpose leads to tears.  I knit many more small projects than sweaters so I’ve ended up with four skeins of sock yarn and one skein of yarn intended for a hat.

For those interested
-Two skeins of Trekking (my personal fave) multi color and turquoise were unearthed in a sale basket.  Yes please!

-The skein that looks purple is really gray multi and is Ellen’s Halfpint Farm merino/silk/nylon sock yarn.

-The front skein is really blue/teal/gray in real life and is Miss Babs Heartland Worsted for a hat.

-The red skein is Cephalopod Skinny Bugga sock yarn merino/cashmere/nylon.

We saw that the two most swamped booths this year were Miss Babs and Cephalopod.  While both have very pretty colors, we couldn’t figure out why those two brands were so very popular.  The yarn bases are nice but not unique so it must be the marketing.  Since I spend little to no time on Ravelry I don’t know what marketing has been employed so successfully.  I did get a skein of each so I will get to experience the yarn first hand.  I’ll report back if I get any insight into why these have generated such herdlike behavior.

This year I also chose a few more subdued sock colors because I wanted to make a few pairs that didn’t make me look crazy pants if I had to take my shoes off in public.

Another favorite activity Claudia and I always try to do is eating at the CIA.  Claudia scooped up a reservation for us and we ate well Saturday.  I had duck breast and Claudia had a perfectly roasted bit of chicken.  Again, if you ever get the chance to eat here or at the CIA in Napa (that’s coming soon!) go for it.

And for those jonesing for a leaf peeping fix, I managed to find and use the panorama function on my iPhone.  Not well, but I did try and you get the idea.  Happy peeping.

The leaves are loveliest in this shot, but clearly I’m not so good with the panorama.

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  1. Cephalopod yarns has really amazing marketing. They’ve generally gone with a nautical animal kind of theme for their colorways, and they’re very bright and fun. I stalked their website for a good long while to snag a skein of yarn with the colors of a mantis shrimp. I think a lot of people really enjoy the clear inspiration from nature.

  2. That is still a respectable haul. I saw Cephalopod at Stitches Midwest but didn’t buy anything. I guess I wasn’t part of their marketing campaign.

  3. Every year a different indie dyer comes up with an idea that catches knitters attention. Fun names and yarn themes are all the rage now. Thank you for the recap and the chance to do some leaf peeping! Hi Claudia!

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