That’s not a denim skirt

Holes galore!

I’ve been thinking about making a denim skirt.  I just want a plain denim skirt with front pockets, front fly zip, a slight A-line shape and topstitching.  Simples.  You’d think there were scads of patterns around for such a thing.  You’d be wrong.  Horribly wrong.  There is only one such pattern I can find and it’s Butterick #5649.

I went over to Joann’s the other day to pick it up since I’ve already got some denim prewashed and ready to go.  I also picked up a couple of New Look patterns for some basic tops and one pattern has what looks like the perfect pattern for sweatpants.  I’m very particular about sweatpants and I can’t buy what I like.  I can get yoga pants until the cows come home, but regular poly sweatpants that aren’t skin tight, not so easy to find.

Anyhow, the woman at the Joann’s was very engaging (!) and sweetly told me that the pattern will be going on sale on Halloween if I wanted to wait a couple of days and save $12.  Yes, thank you, I will wait.  Instead of making a skirt I ended up buying a remnant of one of the oddest fabrics I’ve seen, that was on this nice lady’s counter.  It’s the essence of polyester and looks like something stocked for Halloween.  There is a sheer black under layer, and the top layer is printed and has holes.  It looks like a rag that you’ve had since the 70s.  The two layers aren’t stitched together but fused together somehow.  I bought the 3/4 yard remnant for $4 and thought I could eke out a very basic top.  I was right!

New Look 6216 may have been purchased for it’s sweat pant pattern, but the first thing I’ve made is top C.  I didn’t make any changes to the pattern other than making it an A-line top.  I think it’s a bit too loose in the body but honestly won’t fix it since it’s a “novelty” top.  I think it will look cute with jeans and a velvet jacket to play up the distressed effect.  This top took about an hour to make, even taking into account that I had to change the serger back to 4 thread use.

I may make it again using up some knit remnants I’ve kept around wondering that to do with.  I might even wear my scary holey top to the corn maze tonight because it seems rather appropriate!

Happy Halloween!

Weird fabric swatch.


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