Buns is where they’re going.

They’re even better than they look!

When I have jetlag coupled with time change I get up super duper early,  4:30am this morning in fact.  Horrifying since it’s my day off.  What I often do at the ass crack of predawn is bake, and today was no exception.  There’s something so satisfying about baking when not a soul is up.

This morning when it became clear that I was done sleeping I started thinking of buns.  I wanted to make some Scandinavian style coffee buns that I read about in all my favorite Scandinavian mysteries.  There are lots of coffees, cakes and buns flying around those stories, it doesn’t matter if it’s Finland, Sweden or Norway – buns unite these people.  The Swedish recipe I used today is really good, in fact these are my best buns to date.  They’re called Kanelbullar which I believe just means cinnamon buns.  The dough is liberally infused with cardamom and the cinnamon sugar is only on the inner rolled up edge.  Also, these buns aren’t super sweet or sticky like our American style cinnamon rolls, so they’re a nice treat with coffee (or tea or sparkling water or with another bun).

The recipe is from here. I weigh all my ingredients and this made a very nice enriched dough.  The only differences I found are with the timings.  I used dried instant yeast (not fresh) and my dough needed 1.5 hours on the first rise.  The second rise was about 1.25 hours and the baking time for me was 14 minutes.  My buns were a little bigger than in the recipe so my baking time was a bit more, but watch your buns to see how they’re progressing.  Also make sure you eat one as soon as they’re cool enough to handle because they’re a little bit of heaven.


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  1. Yes, kanelbullar means cinnamon buns!
    Usually they are made without cardamom here in Sweden, at least where I come from.

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