Gray shoulders

It’s begging for a firm wet blocking, isn’t it?

I have been knitting.


What new thing is being knit?  Well honestly, it’s an old thing that is being knit.  I started Alvinda in July using some pretty Garnstudio Drops Baby Alpaca Silk yarn in gray.  I knit a sleeve as swatch and ripped it out.  Started again and just couldn’t get into the pattern.  I like the sweater but didn’t like knitting it.  So it sat on my desk under piles of junk mail, as these things are wont to do.

After staring at the forlorn sleeve long enough I decided to trawl through Rav and find another suitable pattern for the pretty yarn.  Several considerations had to be taking into account.  This is fingering weight yarn and I much prefer knitting that up in the round.  Also I tend to not wear highly patterned intricate sweaters so plain old stockinette would have to feature heavily.  It also had to be easy enough to memorize and do while watching stuff and while tired.  So the wheel stopped turning at the very pretty Bayside Pllover from the Coastal Knits book.

Bayside is available as a single pattern download since I’m loathe to buy any books at this point.  Is it just me or does anyone ever feel the pattern compilation books justify the expense and space?  I’ve got a few that are great but most sit out in the garage on a shelf waiting for ebay to come for them.  Anyway, Bayside is a top down raglan pattern knit in the round.  Perfect!  There are cables at the raglan lines to create a pretty design detail and there you have it.  The original is knit in linen, which I’d never in a million years use because it’s hard on the hands and usually stretches down to the knees, but obviously the pattern would work with any fingering weight yarn you fancy.

All that is a long way of saying that here you see what one skein of pulled out (and hopefully blockable into submission) Drops Baby Alpaca Silk looks like knit up in Bayside.


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  1. Cute pattern! I wish I looked better in raglans, because I love patterns like this with pretty details along the raglan lines. I’m with you – I love being able to just buy one pattern. I try not to buy any books at all any more. But it’s great that so many patterns are being released electronically so that you can just buy one or two, or buy the whole collection if there are multiple patterns you like.

  2. I saw the picture of knitting and then thought “Oh she’s been knitting,” before I started reading.It looks great and you seem to be making good progress on it.

    Also, I really don’t buy the pattern compilation books anymore either. I rarely make anything out of them (when I even looked at them) and when I did they were always modified to the point that they were the original pattern only in spirit. Happy knitting!

  3. That looks like a great sweater. I kept all of my Ann schurch, EZ and Ann Budd books. The rest are gone gone gone. Especially since I like to work from the iPad.

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