Identical for reals!

It’s like looking in a mirror.

I am unnaturally proud of the matchy matchy on these socks.

Seriously, I spent much time and effort on making these socks match up exactly.  Thanks to Trekking XXL being a freaking dying machine, it was pretty easy to accomplish.

I didn’t reinvent the wheel here, just used my basic sock recipe of 60 stitches decreasing 4 stitches evenly down to the ankle, then some sort of heel and toe plan and voila!  Socks.  I used an afterthought heel on these so I could use the striped bit of patterning to make the heels.  I have no idea what colorway this Trekking is, but I did buy it at this year’s Rhinebeck from a vendor’s sale basket.  There is no trace of this phantom color on the internet, so clearly this isn’t a new or a hot colorway.  I love it though and love this Trekking since these socks are indestructible.  I hope to get much stripey wear from these since winter is fast approaching.