The elusive hat in it’s natural habitat

No, I didn’t just do something wrong. Yes, I know it looks like it.

Hat photography is a skill that eludes me.  The best I could do is this shot, where I look decidedly furtive.  I assure you I have not just been naughty and in fact I am authorized to be in the area.  I was attempting to capture a picture of my newly finished hat upon my head in natural sunlight.  Sunlight has been in short supply of late due to some freezing winter weather, but here I found myself in sunny Arizona with time on my hands and a hat upon my head.  Some of my shots didn’t even have a furtive hat wearer in them, some were blurry beyond belief and some were the precursors to deconstructionist art.

More hat, less furtiveness.

In this shot I hope one can get a sense of the hat. It is slightly slouchy knit in mistake rib. The pattern is a free one called Graham by Jennifer Adams and is a good, easy pattern. The yarn is Miss Babs Heartland Worsted in the blackwatch heartland colorway.

I had a time finding a pattern that I liked with this yarn and finally came upon the Graham pattern after several failed half hats.  The yarn is super soft and great for a comfortable, non-itchy hat.  You knit the hat in the round and the public side of the hat you see in the photo is actually the inside of the round knitting.  Clever way to get the ribbed pattern while minimizing purling.

I now understand some of the hoopla surrounding the Miss Babs booth at Rhinebeck this year.  This yarn is nice, so I can assume the other yarns are nice too.  I will not stand in half hour queue for it (or anything really), but nice yarn.

Not much else to say about a hat.  It’s warm and does it’s job since everywhere I went was cold.  In fact now I have a cold and am hunkered down in bed with yet more knitting.  Perhaps I will bore you with a progress shot soon.  And luckily I’m not knitting another hat so there is a chance I can actually take non blurry photo of it.


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  1. I thought the hat picture was amazing just saying. I imagine you being some sort of secret FA/CIA spy. But maybe I can romanticize any profession. And you could do a lot worse in the taking pictures of your head department.

    Aside from that though, it’s a really great hat, and will be useful in all the cold places, which believe me, I know all about. (The buildings at Kent were designed for a school in Arizona — which means they are literally a giant wind tunnel.) And I also love that it is that elusive shade of grey that can make your eyes appear different colors.

    Feel better!!

  2. First photo: Oh no! It’s that weird smelly man from the bar who won’t take no for answer.
    Second photo: Please don’t see me, smelly man!

    Isn’t that a fun hat pattern? I think I love that yarn, btw. Such a good color.

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