Look at them all smooth and silky and waiting to be eaten!

You know it’s Christmas when I bust out the caramels!

Yes, the caramels have been make for 2013.  In fact this year I had to make them twice.  The first batch could have been used to patch up potholes, it was that hard.  I know it’s a poor worker than blames her tools, but my dodgy candy thermometer went bat shit crazy on the first batch and it got cooked to the hard crack stage.  If your unfamiliar with candy making stages, the hard crack stage is the one that shatters the teeth of anyone trying to enjoy your handiwork.  That batch went into the trash.

A trip to the store and a new candy thermometer was purchased, batch number two was made.  I was curious to see how wrong my old thermometer was and it was 5 to 10 degrees off during the process.  Hence the tarmac I produced in round one.

Luckily round two in candy land was perfect.  I make the caramels soft and chewy because that is how I like them.  And I’m in charge here.  For those who want to make their own, the recipe is the from the lovely Spindlerose and I cook my caramel to 242 degrees – just past soft ball but before firm ball.  Seriously, these are real candy making terms.



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