Happy New Year!

The color is not at all accurate

Yet another weird hat picture of me on the internet. Great.

Happy New Year to all my fave cats and kittens!

This may surprise you but I have little patience for New Year and all the retrospective and resolutions.  I’m a “do it now” kind of gal so I just don’t get it.  Move forward please.  That said, it doesn’t mean that I don’t make intentions for the coming year to motivate and focus, so that is done (again with the do it now).

That is my way of saying there are no fancy top/bottom five lists here, just a rather bad picture of a hat that I made for a present.  I still have two more cowls to finish to make the “knitting for others” go AWAY!  Luckily my friends understand that Christmas is a loose timetable.  What you see above is a hat knit per request using Malabrigo Rios using Windschief pattern by Stephen West.  I used two balls of Rios and changed yarn every row to get no pooling and weirdness.  The color in the photo is totally wrong, the actual yarn is deep, rich purple.  The only change I made to the pattern was to make the twisted rib section in a different place.  The pattern has you end the twisted rib section by the join in the round of the yarn, but my joins aren’t pretty enough to be front and center (especially with the  non elastic yarn) so moving that section is necessary and easy.  My brief rav entry is here.

Tomorrow I get up at 3am and go to work, so today I will enjoy the THIRD batch of almond toffee this holiday season.  Yes I said third.  I better hope my uniform still fits.

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  1. Toffee? /perk

    Lovely hat! No matter what the color is.

    I’m with you about the looking back and summing up. It was what it was. Move on already!

  2. A big cheer for the almond toffee! That stuff was super-delicious. Sorry about the work. We’ve got zero degrees and a blizzard here, so stuck inside.

  3. I’m not a resolution person either. It just seems pointless. I prefer to do things when I get the urge to do them — not when a calender tells me to do them. But it does provide a nice time for reflection and thought. Unless your at work. Then eat your toffee in a hotel room.

    The hat looks great, and your hat photography is getting a great deal better. Mine is still lacking. That having been said have a great new year with lots of knitting time in it!!

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