Now I remember why I don’t do this

Black with silver threads and sequins. I like it. Late though.

My “easy” cowl project for a Christmas present is now done.  It’s 07 January, I realize that.  This just reminds me why I don’t deadline knit.

This whole idea started with me roaming around Dharma Trading and seeing the very pretty sparkly cowl shop samples and thinking “I could whip that sucker out”.  Well fast forward to yesterday when I finally finished the last and final version of this easy cowl. Four times I ripped this out!

I have definite cowl ideas regarding size.  If it’s to be a wrap cowl it must wrap twice with little to no remainder.  I find a circumference of 42″ (give or take) about right for double cowl.  Well after about four attempts and going up to a size 11 (!) needle, I finally got the fabric and size I wanted – but rather too late for Christmas.

So what you see is in rather bad indoor, nighttime shots is a cowl made from one strand mohair and one strand shiny glittery sequin fiber held together.  I cast on about 100 stitches (it may be a few more but I threw out the post it note that was the sum total of my “pattern”), size 11 needle, 3 rows garter at beginning and end.  Knit until you think you’ve just got enough yarn left to garter stitch and bind off and voila!  I used Jeny’s super stretchy bind off, but that may not have been necessary.  But it’s done!  Finished measurements are 9.5″ wide and 42″ circumference.  I’ll mail it to the recipient sometime soon, no hurry now!

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  1. Looks fantastic! Love it, and it’ll go with everything. Hopefully your friend lives somewhere cold where it will be useful.

    I’ve never been to Dharma Trading, but judging all the things that come out of it, it is probably a good thing that it is on the other side of the country.

  2. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Your cowl is absolutely gorgeous! I love the sparkle which we need in this frozen climate these days. Best wishes for 2014.

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