Cowl obsession

Looks OK and it totally reversible/upsidedown-able.

Football season is over, we will not discuss.

Knitting then.  I’ve knit a cowl.  I’ve become a bit gaga about cowls since the world is cold right now.  I like the look of chunky yarn cowls, but not so chunky it looks like your head is being swallowed by octopus tentacles.  It’s a fine balance.

What I decided to do was get some chunky yarn and knit a cowl.  Of course whenever I want new yarn it’s a Monday and the local knitting store is closed on Mondays.  Michaels is always open so I trundled down the road to see what I could see.  They had some charcoal gray Patons Classic Wool that fit the bill so I opted for that instead of chunky acrylic.  Now this is worsted weight yarn and I’m thinking chunky so I just bought two skeins to knit it double (actually I ended up needing one more skein if your thinking of using worsted too).  Voila.

Pattern then.  Back home to troll Ravelry and came upon Thirty-Eight by Jane Cochran.  Easy pattern that is great for travel knitting and it’s a freebie.  My cowl came out to 8.5″ wide and 50″ around.  If I made it again I’d try to make it a bit smaller around because I like a snug fit.  It’s all a matter of your gauge and math, so that’s easily solved if there’s a v.2.

My only note on this Patons yarn is that it smells, not like sheep – that would be ok, but like chemical.  I did soak it for ages in Eucalan and the smell has faded, but smell it still does.  I may toss it into the washer to give it some more cleaning action.  May or may not help but it’s wearable to me as is.  If your super sensitive, give this yarn a miss.

Next up:  pizza dough.


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  1. If you toss it into the washer, you’ll end up with a cowl just the right size for a doll. Try sealing it in a bag with a saucer of baking soda. For a couple of days. If baking soda can eliminate a musty odor, perhaps it can eliminate a wool processing odor. Worth a try, anyway.

  2. Nice cowl – I like the asymmetry. Strange about the wool smell. I haven’t had that problem with Patons, but I haven’t bought any recently. Maybe they’ve changed their processing.

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