How hot is it?

I left in the cloudless blue sky for your enjoyment.

Pretty darn warm.  It’s over 70 degrees here in nor Cal again today.  We’re having a vicious drought, absolutely no rain and crops are in jeopardy.  Ski resorts have no snow, water rationing has begun and food will be quite a bit more expensive.  All that’s bad.  But guess what else?  The cherry blossoms are here early!

You know I adore the cherry blossoms’ appearance every year and it looks like spring has sprung.  I look for them going to and from the airport and I’ve chosen one white house out in the avenues as my cherry blossom season indicator.  Guess who’s in full bloom already?  Aren’t the gorgeous.  Of course just I came from NY where it was 15 F this morning.  Horrifying.  Glad I only stayed an hour.  Stay warm or cool, as applicable and enjoy the blossoms!

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  1. As someone who lives an hour or two from you, that beautiful photo makes me feel ill. Thankfully, I know you understand why. They keep talking about rain but we haven’t had any in so long. feh

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