Hole in one

graphics-hearts-811516First the really good news: My sister, Claudia is blogging again HERE! Go say hi!

Kind of 1940s, in a totally now kind of way.

Yesterday on the way home from the airport I swung by one of my favorite charity shops in the whole world.  It’s just a plain old Salvation Army, but I always have good luck at this particular one.  Plus it’s huge so the odds are better, right?  Fun fact:  this store is in the former home of an old grocery store that our parents would stop at after church and buy us Tab/Pepsi Light and licorice for being good.

Shout out for Brentwood Market!

Tiny seam allowance and long stitches make holes!

Well I digress, what I found yesterday was a Topshop coat in light gray wool in my size that

looked brand new.  Let us investigate such a find.  All was well until I saw that the sleeve had ripped at the seam.  No other damage and it was $6.50 since the whole place was 50% that day.  (That’s how they roll.)  Well, easy enough to fix that seam and my machine was already threaded with acceptable white thread.  Super find for me.

Here’s where the closed up the lining after bagging – arm seam!

Fixing this was easy, I mean 15 minutes easy.  I just found the closing up seam in the bagged lining (hint: it’s usually one of the sleeves) and opened it up.  It was extra easy because the stitch length on this coat was 4 to 5 mm.  As a reference, I’d use a 2.5 mm stitch on my coat.  No wonder the sleeve ripped right away!

All fixed!

So a quick rip, sewed both armholes twice just to be super secure and closed the lining up again.  Done and ready for the dry cleaner.  Yes, it will cost at least twice what I paid for it to clean, but still a bargain.  New coat for me!


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  1. Nice Topshop coat. Will look fab. Already touched base with Claudia. Really glad that she is back blogging. Have a great weekend.

  2. I used to read your sisters blog, I am happy she has reappeared! And what a lovely coat find. Super cute, I love the demure collar and the back belt. Also the pockets are great.

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