Dress with a French accent

Quick, take a pic and go to work girl!

I’ve seen a few versions of Sureau on the blogs and found it to be a cute, flattering dress made for real life wearing.  So I was forced, forced I tell you, to order the pattern from Deer and Doe.

The pattern came quickly from France and this dress was a quick make.  I’d decided for this first iteration of the dress that I had to use stashed fabric and notions.  I rooted around the big plastic bins in the garage and found this piece of rayon/cotton/linen? fabric.  It looks a bit like chambray, but it’s really not chambray.  I had an acceptable length light blue invisible zip stashed and found a card of blue buttons in the button box.  Voila!  A dress is born.

It fits pretty well out of the envelope.  I used the longest length of skirt from the largest size since it runs a tad short for a lady of my years.  I added a couple more inches into the skirt gathers and may take those out since it’s a tad poofy in a crisp fabric.  I may tweak the neck a bit on the next version and perhaps add a collar.  I also moved the zipper to the center back from the side seam since I don’t enjoy a side zipper.  That’s about it.  It’s an easy dress to sew up and I’m thinking about making up one in black and moving into it permanently.

In thrift store coat news, I had the $6 coat dry cleaned for $18.95 and it looks amazing!  So final score on the Topshop coat is $24.95 and awesome!


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  1. Super cute, and wearable dress. My kind of dress, figure flattering. I have to check that company out. And yes, great haircut, but your hair always looks good.

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