Snow day

It’s quite pretty in person, the door mat doesn’t do it justice.

Because of Pax the flight I was supposed to work today was cancelled so I kind of have a snow day today.  I still need to fly to my domicile to work tomorrow (maybe…) but I get at least a snow half day.

That unexpected event gives me time to show my latest knit project.  I am a great fan of Veera Välimäki’s striped scarves and have knit up two, Stripe Study and Different Lines and according to my notes bought some yarn from my local yarn shop in 2011 to make another Veera pattern, probably Color Affection since that’s in my Rav Library.  But as often happens to me, those plans fell by the wayside.

The other day I came across the yarn I’d bought in 2011  for the scarf madness that had taken over me back then and thought it was time to use some of it.  I like Isager Strik Alpaca 2 for these scarves because it’s soft enough to wear on your naked neck and knits up fluffy yet squishable down to a tiny ball when you’re shoving it into your bag.  I had it all bagged up together in ziplocs in one of my plastic garage bins and pulled out the gray and red.  I’d seen the Interpretations collection Veera and Joji Locatelli had just put out and of course adored the At Dawn scarf by Joji.

What you see here is half the scarf knit up.  I’ve just switched to the red with gray stripes which is quite motivating.  Just switching colors keeps me interested. This pattern is super easy and keeping track of garter rows is as simple as counting.  Perfect mindless knitting, which may be why I’ve got so much done so quickly.  I like mindless?  I’m bringing it with me to work tonight just in case I get stuck somewhere.  Plenty of underwear and knitting is my strategy for the next few days.

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  1. Awesome on the snow day! I am SO hoping you do not have to work an East coast flight tomorrow. Fingers crossed there is no sleeping on planes for you.

    I’ve bought the storm food (bacon) so we are prepared!

  2. Happy snow day from snowy NYC, and mindless knitting! Actually that scarf is gorgeous, the pattern looks very interesting. I might have to check it out, I am looking for a new project.

  3. I love the knitting! It looks fantastic, and i hope that it is closer to being done now. I really understand the need for mindless knitting, and feel the lack of it.

    The snow was great for days off. Of course it was all on days where I had late classes, so that wasn’t that big of a deal.

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