Carrots and frogs

Looks nice but gauge is totally too big. Frogged.

Despite it being 71 degrees here with great regularity, when I saw the Ecclefechan Mitt pattern I just had to make them.  Sure I’d never wear them, but I had some black and white Isager Strik Alpaca 2 sitting right by me and that’s a fingering weight yarn, perfect!

Not perfect.  I saw from the pattern that these mitts are knit very tightly to make them extra warm.  I went out and bought size 000 and 00 needles and still couldn’t get gauge.  Of course it’s difficult accurately knit a gauge swatch in the round with colorwork so I just went for it, it’s only 74 stitches around so it’s sock sized.  Alas, after knitting about 25 rows it became very obvious that my gauge, even on size 00 needles wasn’t going to be small enough.  These mitts are too big.  And there are no smaller needles I can buy (if there are I don’t want to knit with them).

So rip this out and use the Isager yarn for the scarves I’d intended it for.  Put the tiny needles in a drawer until I need them next.  The pattern, though lovely, is charted up so small.  I can see just fine and it was small for me.  You’d have to size it up somehow if you’re not a hawkeye, be warned.

So my verdict on tiny needles, tiny yarn, tiny chart and too big mitt?  Epic fail.  It is pretty though, but I’m unlikely to tackle those tiny charts again.  Into the garage with you!

The only thing that worked out well was some carrot soup I made.  It’s very easy, extremely delicious and lets me run rampant with my immersion blender.  Recipe here, and don’t skip the cider since it makes it yummy.

I shall now continue working my stripes on At Dawn (in the same yarn that didn’t work here – oddly) since that is going along just fine.


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  1. I saw that pic on your flickr and loved it. Also saw the mitts on her site, but knew I could never knit on those small needles. Clearly I wouldn’t be able to see the chart in any event. I’ve saved the carrot soup recipe. Mmmm.

  2. I think that that pattern would look lovely at a larger guage as a garmet. Just a thought, don’t ditch it yet.

    Good thing with the soup though. I don’t think I’ve ever had it. I miss the immersion blender, what with the way that you can essentially use it to make any food your bitch.

    • Right , you can always knit them with your regular needles, and give them to a fellow… I think they would look great on men’s hands too. But I can understand the feeling like you’ve just moved on. lol 😉
      ps. By the way, I tripped over your blog, and see you’re a fellow Californian. 🙂

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