Deficit situation

Technically the patterns were purchased last week…the yarn is hot off the presses.

I wish I had some lovely finished objects to share.  Alas, there are two items that are “almost” done, one sewn and one knit.  But completed they are not.

Anyone want to guess if that lack of finishing has stopped me from procuring more raw materials for hobby purposes?  If you guessed “hell NO” you would be right on the mark.

Without getting into the convoluted and dull compensation structure of my job, I shall just say that three days a month I’m “on call”.  Since I don’t live in my domicile city I stay in a hotel.  99% of the time I can get a trip and work and go home.  Easy.  Every once in a blue moon there is just nothing to cover.  I had one of those days yesterday.  My duties were fulfilled by noon and I faced two more days of waiting around.  Now mind, I do get paid minimum to sit around but I spend money on hotels and food, so waiting is boring and expensive.

How I passed the time yesterday was to go to the local yarn shop and buy wool for a scarf.  Or sometimes I get online and purchase patterns and fabric.  Then, after all that, I was able to trade away my last two on call days and bugger off home this morning. (We can swap and trade assignments because we are interchangeable like Legos.)  So basically I spent two nights in hotel, bought yarn, food and patterns and went home.  I lost money dudes!  But look at that pretty yarn!  And those cute patterns were on sale!  AND it’s nine days until I turn 29 again so whatevs!!!!

My takeaway here is to enjoy being home today, play with my yarns and worry about picking up a trip to make up for my fiber foibles tomorrow.  Plan B will not be necessary.  Hope you have an awesome day and I will try to finish something before buying anything else.


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  1. Those guilt feelings about purchases are thank goodness, short lived. And most of them (the purchases) do occur when not busy at work. Sewaholic has some nice patterns, I have not yet purchased one. I am curious what you will do with the yarn. Spending money for a hotel out of your own pocket must sting. I am actually surprised this happens, but I guess they figure if you choose not to live in your domicile city, it is your own fault. Oh well, enjoy the goodies and being home.

  2. But are you $$ ahead by NOT living in your domicile city in the first place? Besides, you had someone else to make the bed and clean the room for you for a couple of days.

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