Yes, another one

I will now make something else, I promise.

Turns out taking pictures of a black dress on a cloudy afternoon is hard.  Sorry for the pics!

After my first Sureau I wanted to try one in black with a different sleeve.  I also modified the neckline because the first dress didn’t lie flat on my clavicle.  I pinched out the extra fullness, raised the neckline and drafted a little rounded collar.  While I was at it I changed the sleeve to an elbow length with fullness into the cuff.  What I should have done after seeing this pictures is lowered the waistline about an inch since it’s still rather higher than my natural waist. But that mod will have to wait since I don’t really need too many of these dresses in my wardrobe.

Again, this may not be the most fashionable, age appropriate style, but it is super comfy.  With a scarf and sweater/blazer it will be quite useful.

My next project is polyester pull on pants, I kid you not.  Also not age appropriate (in the other direction this time) and they look rather dodgy right now, but if they turn out you will see my version.  If they don’t, forget you read that last sentence.


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  1. I am always utterly amazed by the ease with which you redraft this and that and make a pattern work. Clearly all the spatial relationship skills in this genetic code ended up with you.

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