We are calling these lounge pants

I will never wear these with a tucked in shirt (that was just for the photo). Promise and pinky swear.

Yet another black sewing project completed!  And indeed, it’s still hard to photograph black.

Seen here is my version of Style Arc Lola Pants.  I saw the pattern and thought they had the potential to fill the gap between sweats and “real” pants.  I’ve been trying to sew things I’ll actually get use out of and one thing I wear A LOT is sweat pants.  Yes, they’re not pretty but if you’re out doing errands before and after the gym, it’s what you wear.  My sweat pants are pretty much all old and loose polyester.  I love them.  I’ve got a few newer pairs that are stretchy lycra but I wear my poly ones first.  Only if all the polys are dirty will I wear the lycra.

That is a long explanation of why I’ve made lounge pants (or whatever we’re going to call them).  These made from a very nice black ponte (which is a poly double knit for those who don’t sew) from Stone Mountain in Berkeley.  Ponte quality varies, but this stuff is soft, warm to the touch and not at all see through – yummy.  The Lola pattern is for wovens but worked just fine with ponte knit.  I didn’t change anything and opted not to put in zippers at the slanted pockets.  That decision may come back to haunt me if those pockets stretch out (though I did stabilize the opening edge).  The only fiddly bit is attaching the waistband to the pant.  It took about three attempts with lots of machine basting and swearing.

This is my first Style Arc pattern and can see why they are well regarded.  The pattern was well drafted and the sizing is as stated – no Big Four ease lottery guesses here.  The pattern is rated as medium in difficulty and that is an accurate assessment.  That waistband is the “hardest” part but heck, I did it.  I am now tempted to get the actual sweat pant pattern from Style Arc and try that out as well.  I may be upping my game at the gym when all is said and done!


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