“…you’re gonna make it after all.” Sing it with me now.

Remember Mary Tyler Moore?  I remember watching the show on the rerun TV station in the pre-cable world.  I adored Mary and her lovely clothes.  I didn’t really understand the social themes until much later, but still a good show.  Plus who doesn’t adore Betty White as a cougar extraordinaire.

I digress.  This morning while rambling around downtown Minneapolis I came upon Mary, and yes she did make me smile.  Did I mention it was on 20 degrees?  Right outside Macy’s, here’s a lovely statue of the famous Mary hat toss.  I shall have to look for some Mary episodes to watch!  Until then, enjoy my layover eye candy.

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  1. One time in a desperate fit of PMS, I was watching Mary when Phyllis walked in to her apartment and said “hi hi” and I broke into a twenty minute bout of sobbing. Also I did not know she had her own statue.

  2. That’s awesome! I didn’t understand the social themes then either. But because of watching this show (and others like it…That Girl!) we grew up thinking it was normal for young single women to have a career and their own lives without a husband. Maybe we were the first generation of girls to grow up thinking that.

  3. I love Mary so much. I know a girl who looks just like her. You’ve been sewing up a storm recently, and it all looks fantastic. Keep up that amazing work.

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