I had to step over these blossom “drifts” courtesy of half a dozen of these snow making trees.

Thanks for all the birthday love!  I had a great birthday and got my car fixed (I adore my mechanic so it’s all good).

I wore my Sureau dress v.2 in black to dinner on my birthday (and fleece lined leggings discovered by Carolyn from Walgreens!) and am happy to report that you can eat yourself silly and your dress won’t split.  I ate so much my neck was sweating at one point.  Seriously.  I am a classy girl.  (And no, there are no pictures of this debacle.)

Yesterday on NPR I heard that California had the warmest winter EVER. Like since they started keeping track.  It was well over 70 degrees here yesterday so I certainly believed it.  Then when I was out doing my errands I saw blossoms floating in the air like snowflakes and had to laugh.  Clearly this is a “snowstorm” I can get behind.

Hopefully completed crafting will appear here very soon to make my vacation seem worthwhile.


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