The dawn, she has finished

No, my dress and scarf don’t match but I wasn’t about to change to take a picture. Call me slatternly…

A happy by product of a bit of vacation (or staycation in my case) is being able to finish something.  I managed to only procrastinate a bit in weaving in the ends of At Dawn, but the other day I gave myself a stern talking to and just did it.  It never takes as long as one thinks it will and I was done fairly quickly.  After a soak and block the stripes are ready for wear.

This is an easy project.  I used some Isager Strik Alpaca 2 from the stash and dragged this poor scarf along in my fancy ziplock knitting bag on my trips around our fine country.  It’s easily memorized so it’s good for mindless knitting in random hotel rooms while watching stuff.  My version turned out a tad bigger than the pattern dimensions but it’s a scarf so it doesn’t really matter all that much.  My finished measurements are 94″ wide and 23″ long.  The pattern has the dimensions as 80″ by 26″ so close enough.  One more wrap around the neck doesn’t matter that much.

The only problem with making a nice warm alpaca scarf in March is that it’s been 75 degrees everyday so it’s not going to get much wear, but that’s a pretty standard problem around these parts and the knitwear keeps coming.

And those tulips I planted last year that snubbed their little tulip noses at me and pretty much died, a few are coming up this year mocking me yet again.  I thought they didn’t do that, come back I mean?  Are these just spiteful bulbs or am I mistaken?

It’s supposed to be a “black” tulip but clearly it’s purple. I can add false advertising to my list of tulip deceptions.

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  1. I call you inspiring! Love the scarf/shawl. It’s moving to the top of my list.
    Tulips are evil. I can’t get mine to grow. Think I’ll stick with crocus.

  2. Yes tulips grow back every year — it’s kind of their thing. Sometimes the bulbs will skip a year or two, I don’t know why. There are some at my parent’s house that my grandmother planted in the early nineties. (One way to tell you’re young, the flowers are older than you.)

    I’m sorry, but I refuse to have any sympathy for you and your warm weather as I wear three layers and still shiver. It was a little bit warmer today, and hopefully more tomorrow.

    • Very nice scarf! And you look so happy with it on your staycay. We are all jealous at the lovely temps you are having.

  3. Lovely scarf. I really want to do one of those stripey ones, but garter stitch just isn’t my thing.

    I grew up and lived in the bay area until a few months ago. Unfortunately, tulips do not repeat well there. Every now and then I would plant a batch that would repeat for a year or two and then dwindle. But usually they would only do well once. I think they don’t really get cold enough over the winter. One of my favorites was to plant those tiny narcissus. Tete-a-tete is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. They would be little pops of color all over the yard.

  4. The scarf is lovely! I have some tulips I planted over 15 years ago that still come up every year. There are fewer every year but they still come up.

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