Jim Jams!

Jammies for which to hang around.

In my continuing attempt to make things will actually get worn, I’ve made pj bottoms.  I’ve got a standard go to pattern copied from a pair of Old Navy pj bottoms from like, prehistoric times that have been made for years.  All my friends have a pair, they’re so one size fits all that they’re crazy comfy.  The most attractive pants, maybe not but super comfy jammies.

I decided to try to up my game a bit by making a pair of jammies from an actual pattern, not just a tracing from bald flannel cast offs.  I know, fancy all of a sudden, right?!  This pattern is Sewaholic’s Tofino pants.  I used cotton flannel as I always do but added the coordinating piping.  The bow, no.  I’m not a bow girl.  They turned out quite cute.  They fit  better than my personal pattern, but my personal pattern is more akin to hammer pants so that’s probably not too surprising.  The legs are more flared so I’ll have to see if I can sleep in them without tying them up in knots with my tossing and turning.  But they are cute for bumming around in. Please note:  I DO NOT EVER wear pajamas out of the house.  That is what sweats are for.

This pattern was super easy and the only change I made was to shorten the legs 2″ since they’re drafted for the taller Canadians (not really, they are long though so look at that inseam measurement on the envelope that is handily provided).

Happy “spring has sprung in my pants”!


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  1. That piping took it notches up, fit for wearing in a hotel bedroom. Whenever I travel, I feel that I have to wear better looking pjs 🙂 That is flannel? Unbelievable cos it’s so pretty! Over here, all the flannel comes in baby prints but it’s too warm for flannel anyway. Last night’s temperature was 31C but felt like 38C 😦 Sweating like a tap

  2. Good job! I always wear nightclothes (and relatively modest ones) in hotels because of your warnings. (I did have a fire alarm once myself, at 6 am when someone burnt the toast for the continental breakfast.)

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