Little bit of scarf

Pretty purples. Next up is black, I hope it works!


I don’t have much craftiness to share, it’s been one of those weeks.  I’ve been trying to make a lovely dress that’s all cut out with the machines threaded with appropriate colored thread, but time just slips away.

Anyway, so today all I’ve got is the beginning of Color Affection by Veera Välimäki. I’m using Marion Foale 3Ply Wool and am almost at the end of the first section. Big excitement.  It’s my third striped scarf by Veera so I know it will turn out.  It’s kind of like a tested recipe.  Plus it’s easy to pick up and put down without making huge boo boos.

Other than that I’ve made some yummy Key Lime Bars for a friend and a hat that got gifted before photos were taken.  I now need to survive the next 48 hours with 65 allergen patches stuck to my back to try to figure out what I’m allergic to.  I hope they’re not testing for chocolate and wine.