Hole-y lace

Yes, I wear makeup but clearly never when I've finished a project.

Black dress, badly photographed, no makeup. Here are the winning shots. Should have seen the outtakes…

I managed to finish my black lace dress and have the rather bad pictures to prove it.

The dress is Winifred by Bluegingerdoll and is an easy pull over day dress (as opposed to all my “night” dresses).  I thought I’d make it out of a floral cotton but ended up buying some black lace from Fabrix (of course) so I ended up with a different look.  Oh well, black is a good dress color in my world, and lace is cool for summery wear.

The hole seen round the world and the fix. The fix is noticeable in real life, hence the belt need.

Of course I didn’t figure out til too late that lace can’t take the stress of pullover or elastic too well and developed a hole even before I’d finished it.  Sigh.  I fixed the hole with fusible interfacing then had to cobble together a belt to hide the repair.  Now you may know I really don’t like wearing belts so that was a bit of poke in the eye to me.  Whatever, I got over my bad self and made a comfy fabric belt with two new but vintage looking buttons so that belt is now a design feature, not just camouflage.

The belt to the rescue.

I shortened the dress a tad since I’m a wearer of flat shoes and added cuffs because the sleeves weren’t the most flattering length on me.  Done and done.  It did take a bit of age to finish this project since I lost my crafting mojo right after cutting the poor dress out.  But all tolled this is a one day project if you can ditch all the responsibilities in your life (oh bliss if that was true!).

A bit more detail on sewing up is in my pattern review here.  Now back to those responsibilities.


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  1. It looks fantastic!! Perfect for summer, dressy, but not terribly formal. I see you wearing this on a patio, around dusk. It is around dusk. There are candles lit, and wine has been poured. You’re laughing and having a good time.

    The belt looks fine, I didn’t even notice it till you pointed it out. Love this one.

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