Window love

Window eye candy on my latte run.

Today I’m in Cincinnati.  An exciting, glamorous city?  No, to be honest it’s not.  This is a place with many empty shops and quite a few dodgy people tottering around downtown, but I do have a fondness for it.  So today when I finally scooted out to find some good coffee I decided to take my art teacher’s advice and look up.  You see a whole new world when you change your perspective and today I had eyes for windows.

One building had these dormer windows with the frames painted royal blue.  It’s just an office building, but I love that tiny little detail that makes those windows special.  The octagonal windows at the Netherlands Plaza Hilton are just so stylish.  We are so used to the big glass lumps that are fashionable with architects today, but just those little octagons make a much bigger statement.  It also doesn’t hurt that they accompanied by gorgeous, elegant lamps  and brass pointy things on top that are just so deco.  Here’s a wonderful video about this hotel if you want a walk down art deco lane.

So that’s my layover eye candy for those of you stuck indoors or just bored at work.  Look up!

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  1. I stayed in that hotel in the late 1990s and loved to decor, the room and the service. Every night we had a house made chocolate, cookie, or chocolate dipped strawberry on our pillows. It was elegant and romantic and the best part of our stay.

  2. Thanks for taking the time for some layover pix for those of us stuck at the desk. I too, love to check out the turn of the century architecture here in NYC. Like you mentioned, so much design went into the minutest details, unlike the shiny glass boxes we have in abundance now. I do have to say, I like the new World Trade Center building, since it has that twisty thing going on.

  3. So lovely … I really hope one day I’ll be able to travel around in the U.S. of A. for a prolonged period of time, it’s such an interesting mix of semi-old (I say, as a girl who grew up in a city which roots go back to the romans) and new!

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