Happy Mother’s Day (now with cake)

Linzer torte says love (right?)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!  As with most occasions, I like to celebrate with cake – Linzer torte on this particular occasion.

You can see the seam doesn’t line up. If you look closely that is.

I’ve been working on a cotton dress and yesterday had to rip one side of the zipper out about four times before it looked acceptable.  It actually looked ok the first time I sewed it in but thought I could do better.  No, I couldn’t.  Took a while and a lot of seam ripping to get to that realization.

Here is the way the zipper looks with slight jog emphasized in red.  It’s fine and won’t really bug me, especially when nestled among the print of the fabric.

Hard to photograph, but you get the idea.

I knit a bit more on my Color Affection scarf.  It’s almost time to change colors but now I’m second guessing the black yarn I chose as my third color.  If I don’t like the color interplay I may just rip this out and can then justify starting A Little Romance.  I’ve been eying this pattern and would like to try it in the Quince Tern yarn.  It sounds yummy.  I’ve even kind of picked out a colorway (mist – light gray).  Well I digress, first let’s see how I like the colors together in Color Affection.

The only other thing I’ve been working on is horrible allergies.  I love spring, but the pollen really does me wrong.  The good thing about going to work is that the airplane hepa filters take out all the pollen from the air so I can breathe.  Of course I’m at work wearing polyester at that point, but baby steps here 🙂

Happy Mother’s day and/or have a good Sunday – whichever applies.


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  1. I know what you mean about that zipper thing. I had the exact same thing happen yesterday while putting an invisible zipper in on a dress I am working on. I ripped the one side out at least 5 times before I thought of it as acceptable. Why is it so hard to match that waist seam? The Linzer tart looks so good! I like the idea of cookie cutter dough on top, instead of the traditional basket weave, a lot easier.

  2. I love the Linzer! I need to make another one. I will be utilizing the cookie cutter idea, instead of the weaving the frozen strips of death that keep breaking and making life not worth living. It looks easier.

    The knitting looks great. I’m sure you’ll chose the right color. I would aid your choice, but I am poor with color choices, so you don’t want my help.

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