And then, a rose attacked me

I’m trying to keep my dress from flying up since it’s super windy today. Handy pockets!

This may not be a surprise to anyone, but I am not outdoorsy.  I enjoy a nice garden (as long as I don’t have to tend it) but I will never, ever voluntarily camp. Ever.  I think my plants know this about me and feel the need to taunt.  Today I attempted to get a semi-illustrative picture of my recently completed dress and a big rose spike smacked me.  Sure, it’s super windy and I haven’t had time to cut things back, but still.  It knew. (Photo below shows me telling the rose bush who’s boss.)

After an absolutely hell and damnation three days at work (where I flew in three days what usually takes me six) I finally had the energy to show off my latest dress.  This is Simplicity 1419 which is a Lisette pattern (from the same designer of the children’s patterns Oliver + S).  The aesthetic of Lisette patterns are simple lines with color and pattern interplay.  I saw this dress made up on someone’s blog (I think it was part of the Sew Dolly Clackett dress homage) so I thought I’d check the stash to see if something called to me.

After rooting around the garage I came upon some black and white quilting cotton that Carolyn bought me AGES ago when she came to visit.  It was ages ago (come again Carolyn!) but I’d stored it carefully and it was begging to be this dress.  I made no pattern alterations, just went for it.  It’s an easy enough pattern, darted bodice and pleated skirt with pockets.  And the keyhole neckline and a little peter pan collar (in solid black).  Ok, the keyhole with loop is not really an easy step, but it’s not hard if you use enough pins.  I had the solid black cotton in the stash and the one little pearly button at the neck was an orphan from the button box.

I’ll probably wear this to death since it’s pretty versatile with the black ground on the fabric.  I’ll pull out a teal or emerald cardie to spiff it up since our premature summer weather has been replaced by normal temps and crazy wind.

For those interested, my writeup is here on PatternReview.

Those roses have huge thorns!

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  1. That is a lovely dress! I have that pattern as well, and I used the skirt part together with a top from another pattern. I will definitely use this again, next time with the original top. I am with you with that camping thing, never done it, never will! I love that photo with the rosebush, it looks like you are keeping it at a safe distance.

  2. Love the dress — it looks very cosmic.

    I have to cut the roses too. Ours aren’t anywhere near blooming though, but they are still out of control. I haven’t been bitten by any yet, but I also have been avoiding them. Forgive my language, but roses are the bitchy flower. They look so great and everyone loves them, but they can strike at any minute.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation to use stretch sateen for pants. I was able to find cotton sateen, no stretch, but I will make do until I can find stretch sateen 🙂

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