This is not a p0rn site – it’s just crafty (which is hot)

The other day I used up some stretchy knit material scraps and made some undies for me.  They are not super sexy, fetish pants – but rather underwear you wear like a normal person with a job and stuff.  I was using up scraps yo!

Immediately after uploading a pants shot to flickr, two unknown dudes started following my feed.  I think I pretty much know everyone who follows the blog or my rather crappy photostream, but wtf with that crazy stuff?

I hope they enjoy sewing and knitting with the occasional baked good thrown in, otherwise they’re wasting their time.

Now, who wants to see the super sexed up pants I made that has them coming out of the woodwork?

Ta dah!

Yeah, I don’t understand it either.


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  1. I’m still laughing over your pervert following & Susan’s comment! That’s too funny. Do you have a big stuffed animal? Put the undies on its head & model them that way. I wonder if that’ll further up your perv-following.

  2. I have creepy men hit me up on my blog all the time. I take it as a complement because I prefer to think about it that way.

    Nice Knickers! Keep up the good work!

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