Still working the “temptress” thang

In my effort to be considered an internet “vixen”, I’ve chosen to share yet another saucy lingerie project.  Yup, I’m clearly having some sort of midlife crisis.  Next up, sports car and toupee.

Without further ado, may I present me in Vogue 8888.

Is that a cotton flannel bathrobe being modeled without makeup standing in the bathroom next to a used wash rag? Yup, I’m super hot, no?

I knew you’d mistake me for Kate Upton in a red wig, so I warned you straight off the batt that it was me.

Yes, I made a cotton flannel robe WITH pockets to slowly replace my 15 year old LL Bean red tartan cotton shirting weight robe that I bought at a thrift store.  No need to hurry these things, that old robe is still plenty good.  I checked to see if they still sold the robe but it’s not there.  They do have cotton flannel robes for $54.95 that are so not white and pink cherry blossoms on a turquoise ground with little red birds scattered throughout.

I really didn’t mean to follow up my granny panty post with a flannel robe, but life – she is funny.  I saw this flannel at the Joann’s and had to have it in a hot burning way.  I don’t need pajama pants at present so I thought of making a robe.  This is a fairly easy project made slightly harder by my fabric shrinking a bit in the wash.  A few pieces had to be cut off grain (collars) but it didn’t seem to make any difference.  The only change I made to the pattern was to use the long sleeve pattern piece and shorten that 5″ rather than use the cuff/lace piece.  Trust me, it was easier.

If you’re here for the crafting you can click here for my pattern review of Vogue 8888.  If you’re here for my sexy kitten antics, I’ll toss you a free piccie.  You’re welcome dude!

Did you notice that the ties are sewn into pleats at the back so they don’t get lost during times of disrobing at speed?


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  1. Prettiest bathrobe, so pretty it could pass off as a coat! I can understand why you had to get this flannel, those cherry blossoms and the turqouise colour are so pretty! Ahaha the sewn on ties and pockets are a good idea! I’m always losing ties for skirts and trousers 🙂 I have just realised that in some countries, “pants” refer to underwear, so I’m not sure whether it is ok to use this word anymore!

  2. That is a nice robe. It looks so snuggly. Did the pattern call for sewing the sashes in or did you think to do that? It’s a great idea. I’m always losing my robe’s sashes. Great pose, too. I’m sure your new followers will hang around for more of your hot shots!

  3. Yes, a very risqué negligee indeed! No really, this robe is adorable. I love that fabric, and it looks snuggly.

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