Hooters and Naked Toes

I’m crazy for these owls! I may need to make a pair for me.

See, now I’m just f*ing with the spammers and weirdos out there.  Nothing to see here, keep it moving.

Seriously the cutest owls.

Today I had to buckle down and make some PJ bottoms for one of my friends who’s having a birthday next week.  It’s a thing we do.  Sometimes I knit socks or a scarf and sometimes it’s PJs.  Since she enjoys a nice owl, I had to get this owl flannel at Joann’s.  I may not think too much of Joann’s fabric selection on the upper end (there isn’t an upper end is there?), but the flannels and cottons are well stocked.  And on sale.  Natch.

So owl flannel mated with Sewaholic’s Tofino PJ pants and voila!  This is the third pair of Tofinos I’ve made so it’s a snap by now – though it’s a snap from the first one truth be told.  I made these pair about 6″ shorter than the pattern (yes!) and are a size smaller than the last pair I made for me and they fit so well I’m loathe to give them up.  Of course the problem I see here is that I’m 5’5″ and my friend is maybe 5’2″ so they may be a tad long.  Alterations may take place next week.  But they’re done for now!

The other thing I did the other day was buy the Perfect Parcel 3 group.  I couldn’t resist since it had several patterns I’ve wanted yet not purchased blended with a philanthropic cause.  This is sewing for the good of the children.  I paid $28 for the patterns which is EXACTLY how much a pedi with flower art and tip costs me.  I needed a pedi but blew the wad on patterns.  What’s a girl to do?  Watch some YouTube nail art videos and do her own damn pedi.  Sure, my work is not as good as the salon, but the price was right.  Things learned, if you’re right handed it’s still hard to paint flowers on your left foot; toothpicks are for nail art – not just cake testing.  I’m going back to the salon for the next one, but I’m good for a bit.

Agenda item:  Use some fabric purchased during LAST World Cup before THIS World Cup starts.  Deadline looming.

Kind of hard to do, the ladies at the salon make it look easy. Not bad for a first try using the back of a pin and toothpicks.


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  1. Toe porn? Things are getting out of control now! Seriously cute jammies though – I’ve got the Tofino pattern. I seem to buy all of these patterns, but can’t actually get around to making sewing time. I’m going to have to work on that.

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