Painting is the new sewing/knitting?

The before shot: this dresser had a sheer green varnish that’s been sanded a bit by moi. Very 50s/60s.

First off, if you’re so inclined go wish my dear sister Claudia a speedy recovery from her back op.  It went well and she in recovery mode. All the healthy healing vibes you can send are appreciated.

Secondly, I’ve been slacking on the fiber and fabric arts and painting a dresser.  I found a nice wood dresser at the thrift shop last month and thought it would be a good replacement for my mammoth IKEA antique (srsly it’s 20 years old) that’s traveled across the country with me.  It always sounds so easy in the thrift shop, “just slap a coat of paint on it and it’ll be good”.  Well reality is a bit harder, but not much.  These things just take time.

The completed dresser is in place and looks good.  I figured out that smaller drawers hold less.  I’m a genius.  So as well as painting, I’ve been winnowing my dresser containment items.  So final score is dresser looks good, the local St. Vincent de Paul got a quality donation and I spent more money on paint than I did on my dresser.  Irony, thy name is diy.

P.s. The old dresser got Freecycled to a good home within hours.  Efficient and good for the environment.

The after (before I put all the junk on top of it again). Lots of sanding, primer and two coats of shiny white paint. Original handles.


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  1. Love it! It was worth all that work. Winnowing clothing is rewarding. I love looking into a drawer and seeing everything there.

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