Scads of scones

Scones, jam and coffee. Good morning!

Today I had to make scones.  Had?  Yes, had.  I have some whole milk in the fridge that I used for a recipe.  I bought a pint of milk since that’s all I could find and only used about 2 tablespoons.  I won’t drink whole milk so I have to find ways to bake with it.  Horrible dilemma, no.

Baking inspiration struck and I made scones.  I dug out my scone recipe which is from a “lifestyle” show in the UK.  Well annoying TV people aside, this is a tasty scone recipe.  A few notes on making this:  I’d start with 400g of flour and add as necessary, or conversely you’ll probably need more milk since that’s a huge amount of flour for that amount of liquid.  If you’re wondering why the recipe calls for buttermilk and I’m trying to use up whole milk, I used a mixture of yogurt and whole milk with a scant teaspoon of cider vinegar to give it a bit more tang.  You can pretty much use any dairy in place of buttermilk – I’ve used yogurt, sour cream or regular milk.  It’s about using up what’s in the fridge.

These are great with some strawberry refrigerator jam.  If strawberries get a bit too old or I just want jam, I make up a jar.  No special equipment or pectin, just use lemon and a clean jam jar.  I use a clamshell box of strawberries quartered, 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar (depends on berry sweetness and your taste – I like it tangy) and juice of a lemon (natural pectin and super tang in the jam).  Here’s a great post on making easy jam if you’re interested in trying it.  Truly easy and super delicious, plus it only makes one jar so you’re not inundated.

Sorry for making you hungry if you’re stuck at work.

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  1. SCONES! I sometimes find myself HAVING to make scones, too. Or biscuits, or pancakes. Whenever I find myself with excess homemade kefir, which I throw in anything that calls for buttermilk or yogurt.

  2. They look terrific! And it doesn’t help that I’m super hungry too. Good tip with the buttermilk — I don’t know of anyone who keeps it around without intending to bake with it.

    The dresser below also looks fantastic. Keep up this great work!!

  3. Yes, thanks for the jam recipe. I love the idea of just one jar and no Pectin (hard to find here and expensive). Yummie scones, I bet you could freeze those as well.

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