Someone stop me

What’s that Britney song? Oops I did it again.

I’m at work today in the middle of a trip and today we ended up in Los Angeles. This particular trip is one of early get ups. Very early indeed. I’ve gotten up at 2am (my time) every day so despite it being super early in LA, it’s really my late afternoon.

Does that mean I don’t walk over to the fabric district (1.5 miles each way mind you) to “just look”. No sir, it does not.

I confined my limited energy to one store (Michael Levine) which admittedly is super huge. I managed to buy 10 yards of fabric for an average of $5/yard including tax. Pretty freaking sweet. I wanted to buy some denim since LA is the home of jean manufacturing companies and the selection is amazing (and very cheap). I pawed through but couldn’t decide so I left it for another day.

After buying my prints and dots I procured a chicken torta with jalapenos at a neighborhood eatery and called it a day (after walking back 1.5 miles with 10 yards of fabric).

My plan for all this fabric is somewhat vague but I would like to make the April Rhodes Staple dress with one of these.  It’s an easy, travel friendly dress if done with the right fabric and two of these fabrics fit that bill (upper left and lower right).

Now it’s nap time!  Hope you’re out in the sun.


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  1. Walking to the fabric store was exercise and the 10 yards is therapy, so it’s all good! The staple dress looks comfy for travel, and it will look so chic in the lower left fabric.

  2. Lovely fabrics, well worth the hike. I especially love that purple/pink with the black stripy design. BTW, I made that refrigerator jam with raspberries yesterday, and it is so easy and so good. I may never buy Hero confi again!

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