Decades past

Linen sweats avec wife beater. Admiring nature.

Having unearthed this tan linen (and an even bigger piece of blue linen) the other day, I thought I’d find a use for it.  Thinking back to where this linen came from was rather difficult.  I believe that I purchased it in NYC in the mid ’90s when I lived there.  So after aging for 20+ years the least I could do was use it up.

It’s very Calvin Klein-ish isn’t it? Blazer and sweats…

Linen warm weather type trousers was the idea I came up with. Essentially these are linen sweats.  I’ve even modeled them here with a wife beater to class the joint up.  Now honestly, I don’t think these will get much wear outside the house.  I see these as “all my sweat pants are in the hamper and I don’t want anything tight on my body” wear.  Paired with a tee of course.

The pattern is from Burda World of Style (which is now called Burdastyle) from February 2003.  The pattern is old, but still a decade younger than the fabric.  As to why there are beach trousers in the February issue of a pattern magazine I can’t think.  Maybe it’s to give the Germans hope for summer in the heart of winter.  What evs.

Cut up magazines and crushed food and I don’t know what else.

What you see here are wide legged trousers with a drawstring waist worn slightly below the waist and hemmed to work with flip flops.  The pattern is Burda WOF 02/2003 style #103.  The linen is from the Clinton administration.  We shall see if this is a winning combination as the warm weather wears on.

As an added bonus I present you with a photo of the biggest mess left by passengers any of the crew had ever seen.  REALLY awful in person.  This was two kids and a dad.  No, I didn’t work this flight because I’d have made them clean it up themselves.  I’m like that.


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  1. When I was boarding the flight I took today, a kid in First Class had a HUGE box of Buffalo Chicken wings that he was eating from. His hands and face were already a mess and he’d only had a couple. Mom was sitting next to him eating from a big box of french fries. All I could think of was what kind of a mess they were going to leave behind. Maybe that’s why the flight attendant told me later that she was going to have a vodka dinner.

  2. Lovely linen pants. I like the colour and the wide legs. I had to google wife beater because I had no idea what you were referring to 🙂
    WOW mega mess!

  3. I believe I had a flight from Pittsburgh to Seattle with these people. Except they were a family with the seats both in front of and behind us. There was a great deal of food passing overhead. I’d hate to see their house.

  4. You wear the Wifebeaters well, I just love that word. Nice and comfy linen lounge pants. Yes, what a mess, I have seen horrible things myself. Whatever happened to the gold old days, when people got dressed up when flying. I am sure they did not leave messes like that!

  5. Ooh, those pants look so very summery. I do adore linen & I’d live in it all the time if I could. I just can’t believe what pigs some people can be. Shameless & classless – there’s no hope for that guy’s kids.

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