A muslin of many stripes

Easy tank dress with flared out sides. Awful fabric makes it dangerous to wear.

I inadvertently sewed up a muslin for a dress that I was trying to make “for real”.  How did that happen?  When I chose the fabric I totally ignored/didn’t notice that it was super drape-y and sticks to itself.

I dutifully laid out may pattern and cut it in a single layer to get a better chance of stripe matching, never thinking that this dress REALLY wants to stick to itself and consequently show my unmentionables to the world.  Seriously, I have a photo of me in this dress with my ass cheek showing because it’s stuck to itself.  No, that one won’t be on the internet ever thankyouverymuch.

So this is Jorna Dress and is a super easy make and would have been quite wearable, but as is, it’s too dangerous to wear this out of the house.  This is DEFINITELY a house dress.  I will wear it cleaning, cooking and knocking around these four walls.  It will never again go out in the front yard and scare the neighbor children with it’s hidden assets (well, my NOT hidden assets).

Hope you all have a good 4th of July holiday if you’re in a place that celebrates it.  I shall be working, as one does on most holidays.  I will be a quite sad for myself.  In Honolulu.  Lost you on that last one, didn’t I?

Safe celebrating!


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  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning, Funny Girl! The concept of dangerous fabric had never even occurred to me.

  2. And it looks so innocent in that picture! Maybe you can shorten it for a top? Honolulu for real? Happy working 4th!

  3. Or you could do like those racy girls in the regency romances and wear your muslin dress dampened to even better display the assets 😉

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  5. I’m sorry the fabric didn’t work out well, because it looks like it would have been pretty cute if you didn’t have the cling problem.

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